Murree Snowfall-30-Dec-2010

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The 1st start of the snowfall in the end of this 2010 season in Murree Hills...!!!!
For More details & Pictures of the snowfall of Murree Hills please visit the website: WWW.MURREEHILL.CO.CC


Footage Taken & Edited By: Nomi Prince


This Footage is received from Heawad Jaan.. the area in this footage is Murree GPO Chowk during the snowfall..!!!!!

Filmed By : Heawad Jaan
Edited By: Khawaja Khalid (Nomi Prince)



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Murree city is a popular hill station and a summer resort, especially for the residents of Islamabad, and for the cities of the province of Punjab, Pakistan. Murree is also the administrative centre of Murree Tehsil, which is a sub-division of Rawalpindi District and includes the Murree Hills.

Murree is located along Islamabad-Kohala highway N75, some 30 km (19 mi) northeast of Islamabad.

The name Murree is derived from 'marhi', "high place" although there is a popular belief it is named after the virgin Mary.

Murree is one of the largest resort towns in the Galyat area of Pakistan, and is the capital city of Murree Tehsil (which is an administrative division of the Rawalpindi District). It is situated on the southern slopes of the Western Himalayan foothills as they ascend to the northeast towards Kashmir. During British Rule in the nineteenth century, its altitude was established at 7,000 feet (2,100 m), but its actual altitude has now been determined as 2,300 m (7,500 ft) above sea level.

Murree is accessible by road from the centre of the Islamabad and Rawalpindi areas. It is still associated with Britain; many British fruits (including cherries, raspberries and strawberries) thrive locally. There is a church, built in 1857, located at the centre of the town, which is still used as a place of worship. Many houses around the church are still standing, functioning mostly as hotels. Old traditional restaurants have been replaced by fast food shops and newer restaurants. Some old places of accommodation, such as the Rich Villa Inn and Gulberg Hotel, have completely disappeared. A typical hotel usually provides a motel type accommodation with breakfast and communication access. Newly built hotels are also accessible but unfortunately there is no museum and even no cenima house at this hill station.

Murree has expanded since 1947 at a rate much greater than that which its infrastructure can sustain. Securing water and electricity has been a constant challenge. The jam-packed bazaar has caught fire a number of times in the last century, and the growth of tourism and a construction boom have had an adverse effect on the local environment.


Visit to a 200 Years Old Historical Cemetery which is been Destroyed!

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In March, 1849 Sikh's Army was defeated in Gujarat abated arms. In this year of November month, British Government adjudges Murree as Sanatorium. Scanning speed at which this hill station development shows that the British were not only know to win but also to know what benefits they received in the battlefield and keep them stable was also odd. In Murree city there are two large and some small Christian Cemeteries. All cemeteries are the reflection of great planning and surrounded with beautifully sculptured stones wall. Finally, the third to sixty Kuldana Road cemetery beside the two large cemeteries were in slightly better shape. Cemetery ubisupra the 1948 bombing of the Indian Air Force from harm. The cemetery contains rows flat. Only a few graves on upper right and the rows are preserved. Last rows of the bombing on the right and left side graves have completely ruined, land and cemetery walls are also broken. It offers a sad view.

The second largest cemetery is near Ahatta Noor Khan (The video you are watching). It contains three rows. Here until the early 1970's marble cross and statues of angels could be seen. The majority of the graves have been destroyed and only some dozen Graves are left, which are in crackling condition. For the division of cemetery the beautiful sculptured walls are containing gravel, stones. What is still here appeasement and excitement make a beautiful shade of pine trees that have all cemetery are gravel. Is this is not alack that there is no one left in the British or a Christian community who cares of this cemetery. The crackling graves and name stone bear the names of those people who devoted their lives to the crown of Britain's famous and now here they are long sleeping.


St. Deny's High School Murree on Fire on 3rd Nov 2009

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St.Deny's High School is a Murree Greatest Era School Building of Murree Hills which established in 1882 in British Rule.....

On 3rd November 2009 at 4-5pm suddenly its gets into fire, The cause of the fire increases is the wooden material was used in the construction of that era building.

Film By: Waseem Shaukat
Photo Captured By: Nomi & Ali Sher
Edited By: Khawaja Khalid Qayyum