Our Video in GEO TV

1/12/2011 11:34:00 PM Khawaja Khalid (Nomi Prince) 3 Comments

This Video is donated as GEO DOST ... and its accepted By GEO DOST..!!!

Really very thankful to the GEO TV Networks & GEO DOST...!


The 1st Morning of 2011 in MurreeHills

1/01/2011 10:28:00 AM Khawaja Khalid (Nomi Prince) 3 Comments

The 1st Beautiful Morning of New Year 2011 in Murree Hills, 1st sunrises of 2011 in Murree Hills, with very pace and giving the wishes to all over the Pakistan, Hope this Sunrises bring lots of happiness to us and our Pakistan!!!!

1st time in the history of Murree this 1st new year sunrises is captured by Khawaja Khalid Qayyum the Owner & the founder of MurreeHills.CO.CC website and the BLOG of Murree Hills.

On this NewYear of 2011 with this 1st Beautiful Morning of Murree Hills we announced the Lunch of most updated BLOG of Murree Hills, where you can find the most updates about Murree and its surrounding area's.

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Filmed & Edited By: Khawaja Khalid(Nomi Prince)
Media Support: GEO Dost(This Video is also donated to the Geo Dost)