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Description/Miscellaneous Information of Murree Hills

As we all know Murree is a beautiful hill station in the Northern Punjab and is dedicated to the name of a British officer "Mr. Murray" or "Mr.Murry". There are also some two another versions,1st is the original name was "Marhi" dedicated to a pious woman whose burial place is near Pindi Point & 2nd is that name attributed the name to "Marry" the mother of Jesus Christ in the support of their contention have pointed to the tower at Pindi Point where is the grave known as "Mai Marry”. Some history written with the sense & some are not, As we publish & paste the detail here is the real & its true very constantly, (This is very complicated & depth topic to discuss so the team of Murree Hills & Hillian Investigators are working together on this issue to solved that roomers & the wrong saying as soon as we get the truth we updated it).

The nearest village affiliated to Murree city is Musiari.Murree hills the only heath resort in Pakistan is, One and a half hour drive from Islamabad/Rawalpindi but now the motor way is build up so it’s just for one hour drive. The 64 kilometers of journey is partly through flat country and then climb starts which becomes pretty steep as you approach Murree Hills. On the way you see beautiful sites Chattar, Salgran, Tret, Chhara Pani, Company Bagh & Ghora Gali where the boundary of Murree starts & finally Bansra Gali.

At some of these places people stay for a while to have some light refreshment. After winding through "S" shape turning at Chitta MOR you reach Sunny Bank, A few Kilometers short to Murree Hills.

Murree Hills is the most developed of the all hill stations having cool climate. The town has metal led roads, good hotel's, Nice Restaurants, Souvenir and handicrafts shops, covered bazaars & parks. The main attrition is the Mall Road where people stroll up and down shoulder to shoulder in the peak tourist season. The Pindi Point over looks the twin cites of Islamabad/Rawalpindi and the other end know as Kashmir Point, gives panoramic View if the hill ranges spread up-to Kashmir coz its a 1st highest peak of Murree Hills.

In the surrounding of Murree Hills a large variety of Apples are grown, this fruit is specially relished by the touriest.People that afford, have built summer cottages for stay during the season, locals also rent their cottages & flats build for the specific purpose. The life at Murree is gay, Colorful and nerve soothing.

Main languages Spoken: Pahari & Urdu while the English is also understand.

Population: The population of Murree Tahsil is 2, 21,500 according to census 1981.

Area of the Map: 53 sqkilometres.

Climate: During winter it is very cold and snow falls from December to March and the temperature generally remains below freezing point. In summer it remains very pleasant with mild cold.

Written By: Nomi Prince. (Some hints taken from the Murree Guide Map 1st Edition 1991)