Guide to MurreeHills

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Guide To Murree Hills For Tourists

EVER since our childhood, our elders have considered it a sacred duty to warn us against Lecture notes. Digests, condensed Literature, and Guide-Books of all sorts, presumably because they did not want us to be spoon-fed, and thereby lead an uneventful existence. We, being an innocent and gullible child, never realized what we were missing. Until but recently!

What happened to us recently must be recorded for the benefit of posterity. In our present solitary life, which we are leading without the advantage of a Woman to preside over our destiny, we had two big problems. Problem ONE was eating in general but eating a chicken in particular. By the time we were through with one at any local hostelry we were, to quote a friend, "bejeweled with gravy"! so was the entire neighborhood. Problem TWO was How to Attract THE ATTENTION OF WATITER ? We were prone to raucousness in field and were not very popular in certain quarters as a result.

But then the entire course of our life was charged by a book, a Guide- book entitled : HOW TO USE KNIFE AND FORK !With the help of this admirable book we not only negotiated a chicken with the dexterity of a surgeon; we also successfully attracted the attention of a passing waiter! We are so inspired by the knife and fork guide-book that we have decided to compose one of our own.
It has been brought to our notice that Murree is about to celebrate something Momentous, and it is our considered opinion that some thing equally momentous Should be done to honor the occasion.
Therefore, we write this GUIDE TO MURREE.

Murree we all know is a hill station. A hill station, according to us, is a place Situated high above sea-level, with no dust of its own, and where the rain water does not form puddles in the middle of the payment. Murree fits our definition; and more.

Authorities are at variance with each other concerning the exact altitude of Murree. It was stated to be lying at 6700 feet above sea level a few years ago but has been escalated to 7500 feet a.s.1 in a recent estimate and stands thus till the moment of going to press. Therefore, for the purpose of this Guide, we should go by the latest figures. Now at that altitude the air is fresh, pure, abounds in Ozone and like gases. One breathes deeply. One breathes fully. More oxygen passes through ones lungs. Consequently, one feels on top of the world in Murree which you would too, other things being equal. Murree is also a very beautiful place , and is surrounded by a lot of other places seldom referred to except in superlatives. We shall come to them by the bye. Murree proper is a small town. For a greater part of the year it lies dormant. In winter holiday-makers pluck at its mantle constructive nature, make snow-castle. Sometimes there is so much snow that roads have to be cleared to facilitate traffic. We feel that more people should visit Murree in Winter. But, with the arrival of summer, in other words known as THE SEASON, Murree changes its complexion and suddenly becomes a riot of colors. Different shades of Green are, of course, supplied by the Coniferous trees, but most of the other colors of the rainbow, and some the rainbow never even dreamt of, are reflected in the contemporary Male and Female attire, visible on the Jinnah Road which all the roads in Murree lead to. Murree is closed to all vehicular traffic during the season to ensure safety of life and limb. This is a wise decision. However, in the opinion of some old-timers like our uncle who saw Murree in his more aristocratic days, a periodic imposition of section 144 would prove to be a still wiser one. It would make absolutely sure that there is no chance left of any body being run over by anything.

Quite easy, tell them. Express a desire to be taken to Murree. If anyone scratches his head in attitude of ignorance, tell him to Rawalpindi – Islamabad. There from it is only 32 miles to Murree. If worst comes to worst, one could walk up. We did once.

Supply does not exactly manage to meet demand at the moment, but if you have enough determination, or money, you could stay anywhere. Murree is no that exception.

If you happen to be a member of the younger Generation, it is of no use to describe the beautiful walks to Bhurban, Jhikka Gali, Barian, or any other spots for Hiking, because you would always be found on the Jinnah Road, no matter what we say. The Jinnah Road is a lovely road, as roads go , but there are so many other places to go, so many other things to do. Explore the valleys around Murree. You could come to know the people of the area. It will be worth the trouble to know how they spend their days.

Already touched upon under ACTIVITIES. However, there are any numbers of things to do. Apart from exploring the Natural beauty of Murree and surrounding gallies you could go to the pictures, go to clubs, play tennis at the Cecil if they would let you, or Golf on the course at Bhurban. Take part in the Murree Festival, a colorful yearly event, ride horse back, or just sit quietly in a lovely grove and gaze into the middle distance. Of course we have not forgotten to mention the Kashmir Point, or have we? Well, go there and reflect on what might have been and is not. Also do not forget to visit the Pindi Point, because when you get there and look downwards you will experience a gloating sense of superiority at being up there. It is Human Nature.

There weather forecast for Murree this summer is as follows:-
Fair/Partly Cloudy with chances of thunderstorm/Rain/Heavy Downpour/Cats and Dogs.

Upon reaching Murree, buy a walking stick immediately if you are young: it is in fashion and some what a necessity. Older persons can very well do without it. BY THE WAY, we forget to mention how we successfully attracted the attention of a waiter with the help of the Knife and fork Guide-book. AS advocated in the book, we gave him sharp jab with the work and he stopped as if he had run into a brick wall. You should have seen his face !