Location/Map of MurreeHills

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The Town of Murree lies in north latitude 33° and east longitude 73° at the general elevation of 7,500 feet above the sea level with a permanent population of about 3,700 in habitants which is, however, greatly increased during the summer season by the influx of visitors and which goes up sometimes to nearly 30,000.The most accessible hill station in these parts-beings only 1 and half hours journey(39 miles) from the GT Road & now a days 45 minutes from the Motorway at Rawalpindi(Faizabad)-Murree is also the most fascinating.

The pleasant rides and walks, the abundance of beauty spots in the around its, the visitors with its green foliage and the gorgeous sunset and cloud effects seen daily during the rains-all these combine to endow Murree with an idyllic grace and sylvan charm which is un-matched by any other hill station in the country. Murree sprawls over along, almost level ridge that slopes down from the fir-covered heights of Kashmir Point to the less verdurous Pindi Point, a distance of about 3 miles, known for most past as the Mall on a small portion of which lies the main shopping centre, restaurants, hotels and a number of public buildings. The small square in front of the Post Office (GPO-Chowk) is the hub of pedestrian traffic and the general meeting place where everyone who is out for a walk must rest a while to chat or just idly look around.The two points of the ridge are the major concentrations for residential houses but the slopes to the east of the Mall also accommodate a large number of houses and hotels.

The Murree ridge, which forms the north-eastern boundary of Rawalpindi and faces the Hazara District of the North-West Frontier across a deep ravine, is the highest of the five long, almost parallel, ridges that stretch from north-west to the south-east, rising abruptly on the western bank of the Jhelum and Sloping gradually to the plains of Rawalpindi. The hills and dales that lie between them provide a variety of splendid scenery. On the eastern slope is the Lower Bazaar which begins front of the Post Office and goes deep down to rise up again and rejoin the Mall further on.

This Bazaar has small fruit and vegetable shops, minor artisans, and petty traders who cater to the needs of the common man.